Why I only make 100 prints. My print story.

Why I only make 100 prints. My print story.

I remember when I realised  I had a “print” shop on my first website. At the time I was photographing weddings and family events as well as making “ scribbles” .

Now when I mentor creative females and I look back at my own career, I see how little I valued my work by calling the artwork “scribbles”.  However, to this day my husband and I laugh at how I just whizz a pen about a page a bit like scribbling. This is where the idea came from.


On the first website Dom who helped build the site and I agreed that I could sell prints of my landscape photos or we could try to make some scans of my paintings to sell as prints. This was an avenue I had never thought of.

It seemed strange and in art college I was not taught how to market my work or how to be commercial so the notion that I would sell something other than a package of photos on that “shop” section of the site seemed odd to me.

Nonetheless, I made prints back in 2013 and we added them to that site. It was a small shop of about 12 prints and the prints still remain firm favourites for you.


Mussenden temple print £45

Harland and wolff cranes. £37. 


After this I began to take part in Christmas fares and markets ( I am grateful for every cold day with frozen toes standing selling my wares) which helped me to get an idea of the big hitters as prints sold.


Overtime we have grown and now I photograph and edit the paintings before we send to my graphic team who finalise them and send to the printers. More importantly I make every run of prints a limited edition.

A few years ago at a Christmas party an artist said across the table “you’ve really nailed this passive income with your print sales” . This took me by surprise because  I have worked so hard to build the business- the blog, my Youtube channel, my free workshops, my painting classes. All in an attempt to spread my message of “ placing importance on the everyday” through art, word and video. I was sad that another artist projected the notion that I was interested in the money side more than the overall venture. For me, the growth of my business and engagement with each customer through the sale of prints has been the reward, not the cash in the bank.

Embrace limited edition print £40

Royal Portrush limited edition print. £100

Furthermore, to make prints even more special for you and to continually push my own creativity, I make small runs of limited edition prints. Other artists runs 500 and more and I do think that is a great idea, I just want to keep my runs small and valuable for you.

The sale of my original paintings has always been the goal. Now that this happening more regularly (the stats on my new website over the last month show that you love the original art section)  I am happier than ever that we make such small runs of the prints. It forces me to paint more for you and it adds value. Keeping creativity at the forefront.

Mallard landing on water. Original painting 20x20cm £279.


Lockdown and covid has shown me that the ‘buy once buy well’ mantra is one I know my customers stand by too. It is intentional that I do not make more than 100 prints in a run so that you know there is both value and longevity in your artwork.

White peonies oil on A4 canvas £379


You can browse all of my prints here and let me know which print you have in your home! Also don’t forget that when you subscribe to my new website you receive a £20 voucher to use on the art shop. We love to feature your images and to see where the artwork lives. Thank you for giving my artwork life on your wall .