Why fear is holding you back

Why fear is holding you back

Wanting to open that shop front down the road where the hipsters gather and you just know fancy coffee will sell along with pea sized over priced salted caramel brownies.

Taking the plunge and actually entering yourself into the open mic night at the local pub.

Daring to wear a dress that, god forbid, shows your scar from childhood.

Or maybe it’s the dream you have of taking yourself out of your current job and into the unknown where you would turn a small business idea into a lifetime adventure.

No matter the idea, the concept, the foundation of a plan, we can get stuck.

Fear creeps in, self worth takes a nose dive and reality bites.

‘How can I leave this safety net for something I have only researched in the last six months?”

“What if I share my dream and they laugh at me?”

“Who do I think I am trying to pull off this jumpsuit with a waist like this?”

Fear can stunt us and shatter our illusion of where we want to go.

It is a bugger, really.

So how do we face it?

Tony Robbins says “catch fear before it catches you”.

You can tackle fear head on by deciding that you will still move forward even without knowing the answers or the timing or the outcome right this second.

Weigh up the pros and cons if you feel that it is something which will practically help you see the light.

Know your vision is worth something to the universe. You are worthy! You can pursue this fresh idea.

Make a strategy. Small determined steps will serve you well and eliminate fear.

It may seem minor but I had the fear for about three months and didn’t know whether I should share my ebooks with the world.

I had made my mind made up that I would “just leave them until September” even though the content and design was ready to go.

Then, after a call to my web designer yesterday who had the whole system set up and ready for me, I weighed up the pros and cons, decided that failure was ok (they are free ebooks after all so, seriously, what odds if they don’t suit the masses?) and I ploughed on.

My assistant and I thrashed out the last of the copy for the ebooks and within six hours they were live on alyharte.com.

Face your fear and push on regardless my lovelies!