Wheatgrass, I am so into you.

Wheatgrass, I am so into you.

Wheatgrass and I have been in a relationship for about nine months.

It is an on/off type of arrangement where I am keen as mustard on him for a month or two and then phase him out.

THEN when I feel a cold or feel in any way run down I am all over him again like a rash.

It’s suits us both and the snippets of distance between us keeps our relationship alive… We even had a brief fling on holiday in Menorca last year when I packed him in my suitcase.

Ok, Enough of the relationship jargon.

I started to take wheatgrass after a family friend who has leukaemia recommended it to me. They knew that my body had been through the mill after pneumonia (more on that here) and a ton of antibiotics courses, so thought it would be a good immune booster. Wheatgrass is believed to help the body to build up it’s red blood cells.

They were right.

Despite finding the taste of it pretty vile to begin with I downed a shot of it everyday (out of my tequila shot glass) before breakfast. It is better absorbed into the body when taken on an empty tummy.

Basically what you need to know about wheatgrass-

How I felt after taking wheatgrass– brilliant.

Where I get my wheatgrass shots– directly from the *only* wheatgrass company in Northern Ireland Squeezewheatgrass.They are also stocked in tons of health stores around Ireland and the UK, find those on the website.

Why did I use it instead of pro biotics or other immune boosters? Firstly because it is an all natural product. I had enough chemical products in my body over a six month period. Also let’s not forget it was recommended by someone who had been very ill with cancer. I took that as proof enough to try it.

What is it? It is the young grass of the wheat plant. The shots of it that I source from Squeeze wheatgrass NI are a company who grow, harvest and squeeze the juice themselves. No fuss.

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*This is not a sponsored post.*