What I learned from my 15 day detox – free recipe ebook

What I learned from my 15 day detox – free recipe ebook

Photographs by Jayne Lindsay photography at Pineapple studios Belfast

This detox was set as a challenge (my husband’s idea, not mine) for personal reasons not related to weight or to body image.

If you want to see before and after shots of me then see my postpartum posts here and here.

Basically I wanted to feel better and to give my body a chance to cleanse after what feels like a year of drinking wine whenever I want, consuming a bag of fruit gums or sports mixture every other day. Or at least that’s what it felt like.

I just wanted a change and with most things in my life, I tend to go all in or not at all.

I wanted discipline and I wanted to see how it felt waking up on a Monday morning not having had even one glass of red wine the night before while watching Luther .
Side note – have you watched Luther? It is the scariest darkest programme I have possibly ever watched. The main character is played by Idris Elba who is just gorgeous. Perhaps that is what keeps me watching rather than the intense storyline that I tell my husband keeps me addicted!?! (I have a boxset blogpost here if you are like us and watch them from start to finish then have NOTHING left to give but a gapping black hole where your box set once lay).

The reason I did fifteen days and not a month was personal preference.

As I have quoted to a few followers who have e mailed me- if you can count the days on your fingers and toes, it is more manageable.

Like with anything new or shocking to the system, you must be realistic.

My guide to making exercise work is here if that is something you need a boost with.

I started the day after UK mothers day and ran it until I had a lifestyle shoot with some creatives in Pineapple studio. The image of me in the header is from the shoot.

Having a goal is good. Motivation will kick in when you can reach small hurdles.

For me the first weekend was number one hurdle but we were motivated because it was all fresh, a bit of a novelty not reaching for the prosecco glass or the chocolate buttons.

The second weekend was another hurdle but because it was so close to the end it felt we were on the home straight.

Noteworthy is that you have landed on my blog which in itself is a wellbeing blog where I promote health and wellness.

Therefore, my day to day living is “good” on the eating front, I can’t pretend it is not.

I don’t drink fizzy drinks very often apart from naturally carbonated Panacea drinks which I am fortunate enough to be the face of. I do mix the projito one with my gin from time to time, that is another thing I cannot lie about!

My food is mainly butcher or green grocery bought with very little sugary sauces in or on my meals.

I lean towards protein snacks for sweetness and the odd shop bought sushi. I love good food and don’t measure macros but know what is good going into my body.

If you want to learn more, my wholefood recipes and all about my diet are here.

My point being, this detox didn’t feel as horrendous as it might sound or as it might feel to some of you.

My advice then would be that if my list below does not suit or inspire you then definitely allow yourself to cater for your own needs. You know your body and your discipline so if walking 10,000 steps  a day is a new big goal for you, or drinking 2.5 litres of water is as close to a detox as you get, then please go with it.

Go at your venture hammer and tongs and share with me on my social media channels or in the comments below. I am here for you!

My instagram followers know that being able to do chin ups has been a challenge of mine which has taken about five months to get going. Daily discipline and the simple act of improving back strength got me there, albeit slowly.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Do what you need to do to progress be it small or large. Own it.

So my water intake was consistent during the detox. A two litre bottle in my car making it easy to grab.  I also allowed myself to buy a litre sports bottle of water at the store if I forgot because, well, I was saving so much money on a fortnight of no wine!!

 I didn’t cut out coffee which might surprise some but like I mention above, cater to your own happiness and needs.  Coffee gives me as much happiness as a glass of very cold Prosecco and I didn’t want to stop it.

The two days before the photo shoot I did cut coffee out because I whitened by teeth and it was too darn sore to drink the stuff. Also it would stain the white teeth that I wore those dreaded gum shields for!

I did not “diet” in this sense of the word “restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight

 I did not cut out sugar completely. I had a number of people ask about this. Personally I think our society is obsessed with a “no sugar diet”. I’m not a fan of such movements.

Look at it this way, fruit comes from the earth. It is full of sugar and I see it as God’s/ Mother Natures sweets…allow yourself the treats!! Moderation is key.

Protein bars were my sweet treat for the day but mostly fruit and dark chocolate (I have quick DIY recipe here for fruit fondue) and microwave popcorn.
I tried to keep salads like goats cheese with pine nuts and balsamic vinegar to hand as this in itself is sweet and so satisfying. Much more wholesome for the body than a bought protein bar. I have recipes for protein balls left right and centre on the blog so feel free to use those. I just couldn’t be bothered to make any of my own during the detox!!

This detox was definitely about keeping meals planned and regular.

An average day on my detox


  • Porridge was often the fuel for my morning. Made with almond milk or often just blue regular milk as the whole family eats porridge mid week.

-topped with flaked almonds and maple syrup
-1 scoop vanilla protein and sunflower seeds
-banana sliced and tsp. peanut butter

  • Protein shake either in place of porridge or alongside it.
    OR taken as a treat during the afternoon.

Variation from the link

-1 scoop vanilla protein, 1 shot coffee, 1 banana, 1tbsp peanut butter, 1 date, 1 cup milk of choice


Mostly egg based or leftovers from dinner with a green salad before due to work restraints. Either scrambled or two fried. In a tortilla wrap with bacon or alongside mushrooms, peppers, chillies and spinach sauteed.


Fulfil protein bar, my friend Stephanie’s protein ball, berries or an apple with handful almonds.


Cooked and sliced turkey, boiled eggs, hummus and multi seed crackers, cherry tomatoes.


Always broccoli in there somewhere. Rarely with sauce on anything. I used spices to flavour all my protein and my vegetables. I didn’t cut out carbs- love potatoes too much.

  • Salmon fillets, turkey burgers (my recipe is here) butcher chicken skewers, homemade beef burgers, steaks, chickpea burgers.


The protein shake
Green tea- SO much green tea and lemon in hot water to cleanse my little body and to improve skin.

My Granny who this blog is named after and dedicated to believed in simple living. When I was with my family around Granny Edna as she passed, her skin was incredible to the very last breathe. We all swear it was her lemon and hot water routine.

Coffee with almond or coconut milk
Frappucino (my own take on it) – 1 cup almond milk, shot coffee, 1tsp maple syrup, ice. Mix

Water water water water. Water when I waken up, water throughout the day, water at my bedside.

In conclusion I have some bullet point thoughts about my detox.

  • I felt rough and tired on a Monday morning whether I had wine the night before or not
  • My skin was better the first week but not the second
  • My moods were more stable but that may have been linked to hormones. I am not willing to be totally off alcohol, sweets and crusty bread long enough to track that to the end.
  • I slept better
  • I felt more capable and productive in work. Again this may not have been detox but more that I knew i had easter break two days after detox finished.
  • My tummy was flat every morning
  • I felt a little self righteous being so disciplined. Dicky comment I know, but there is power in knowing you can follow something through to the end. If even just to prove to yourself.
  • I was addicted to the feeling I felt with every good meal I put into my body. No doubts lay alongside my decisions as the majority were so good.
  • The photoshoot was empowering and I believed I had given my body the best chance to be in a crop top and to feel like I was meant to be there even though I am not a model or sports model or someone who does that type of thing regularly.
  • I recommend a detox in whatever form works for you and your body and I will definitely do it again.

So my ebook!

I am SO excited to get it to you. My subscribers get first dibs and we hope to launch it in the next week with a follow up of weekly workouts for you to download and use at your leisure. Simply drop your e mail in the box at the bottom of your smartphone screen or on the right hand side of your laptop screen.

Alternatively click on the link on my website and be a part of my growing arty tribe. Those guys will get the free e book too!

Thanks for reading and do let me know how you get on if you set a challenge to kick the post easter blue.