Weekly wellbeing 12.10.2016

Weekly wellbeing 12.10.2016

Aly’s elephant print from the new abstract collection can be found and bought here. It is special edition and comes in two sizes.

Well this is a turn of events.

My weekend wellbeing turned into weekend winners to now not even airing on a Sunday, and is now called weekly wellbeing!

But that’s just how life is over here right now.

I have been thinking a bit about this blog and it’s purpose over the past while. Often reminding myself that business, as with most things in life is seasonal. So, my busy period with art will pass no doubt when I establish working with my assistant/ helper Stephanie in the studio. Non hurried Time in my kitchen will once again reappear and rest won’t take as much of a priority when the baby grows a little bigger (ok, it probably will never take less of a priority, but you know what I mean.).

As I just said on my instagram story (feel free to join along in the backstage side of my life and work by following me on there) , people think I “do/manage it all” and constantly ask “how do you do it?”. But the truth is I really don’t manage “it ALL”, all that well. As with any of our lives we have to continually take stock of what is important and roll with the here and now.

On that note. Here are your wellbeing links.


  • I am reading and loving Jen Hatmaker’s ‘For the love. Fighting for grace in a world of impossible standards’. For women, believers and non believers of Jesus, this book speaks volumes.
  • Now that I have Bangor (County down) prints ready for my print store in a few weeks time. I have been allowing myself to look back fondly on my four years living in the little bubble that is Bangor. I admit that didn’t love it when I was there but upon reflection it shaped my husband and I in our early years as a married couple, and more importantly as first time parents to our eldest boy. This song from Foy Vance will warm your heart and make you want to visit the little seaside haven where so many good friends of mine reside.
  • A short burst but I nice read about a stranger asking for advice online about grief and an elderly man’s beautiful response.
  • A SUPER and funny anecdote of a man who offered to swap with his wife and stay at home for three months.



  • You had me at “cookie butter cashew”- these no bake cheesecakes look the ticket
  • So Lucie appeared on the blog before with her INCREDIBLE caramel square bars. Now she has this fab peanut butter granola stocked at Root &Branch (Belfast’s only coffee roasters who I mentioned here before).  Go see her fun profile.
  • I am sadly still obsessed with my own vanilla peanut butter protein shake recipe. Every day I find myself making it!!

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