Weekend winners 25.09.16

Weekend winners 25.09.16

This week has been a blur of wonder and chaos.

I had wholesale orders, met with friends visiting from London, sold originals like hot cakes, and finally set up times for my assistant to come work. Progress guys, progress!

Sometimes I can’t see the wood for the trees with all the cool things that are happening yetI  would be the first to tell someone that “the first year of a baby’s life is the trickiest”, so I’m remembering that. The wee man needs me and in many ways all I want is to be with him so opportunities for walks are taken and cuddles stop me in my tracks.

I am really excited about this weekend’s wellbeing links for you just because I had time to read the cool and/ or funny links and enjoyed them so much.

Hopefully you had a good one and you feel revived for the week ahead.

To be honest they are mostly a variety of reads rather than recipes so, enjoy.

blue-coffee-cup_ My coffee cup print is available here and suits a kitchen wall perfectly 


  • Did you hear about Brad and Angelina separating ? This Belfast parody of their split had me ROLLING on the floor.
  • Equally this challenging read from Andrew Sullivan is worth a moment of your time. I always find it ironic that we have to read stuff on the internet to remind us NOT to read stuff on the internet, but you know the deal. It’s where we’re at and moderation is key…
  • A fun read my friend from New York who now lives in Cali posted to her timeline. The differences in west coast and east coast delivered tongue in cheek.


  • I follow Audrey Leighton on instagram and she is so hot I have a crush on her and that body! This blogpost about fitness motivation is fab- how it’s not all glory filled days in the gym that bring about looking good, but hard work and pushing through mental blocks that get results. As someone who has had lovely feedback on my postpartum body but equally comments like “Aren’t you just lucky” or ” Just bounced back, didn’t you!?” I can say I agree with Audrey 100%, I am working my absolute butt off in the gym and with my foods (apart from the wine and weekend sweets- whoops) which is why I can now (only after 16 weeks did I first achieve this) fit into my pre baby jeans. Hard work brings change.
  • And wow- this read on ‘Advice from a dying man’ will have you choking on your Sunday coffee/wine. “Take control of your life. Take full responsibility for the things that happen to you” is just one of many lines in this read that had me fired up for my week ahead, and encouraged perspective.
  • This lemon marinade chicken is currently in my oven along with spicy sweet potato cubes from Roz Purcell’s book, broccoli,cabbage (shop bought pre cooked) and peas.

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