Weekend Winners 02.10.2016

Weekend Winners 02.10.2016

We’re knee deep in golf viewing with the Ryder cup tonight. ‘Third Green’ Irish Open special edition print above is available here.

How was your weekend?

We had a great one spending time as a family achieving very little. Myself and the three boys watched the movie ‘Brave’ yesterday after we walked and scooted to the local park. Four of the five of us then ventured to the local TK Maxx (!) and my eldest who knew it was a rarity for his Mum to clothes shop was quite vocal about the experience saying “This is pretty boring, who does this Mummy?”.

Shopping has always been viewed as more of a chore than a pleasure in my mind, and we were only in for trainers. So despite my rummaging through the rails ( that’s what TK Maxx is there for, right?) I got a pair of Reeboks and a pair of yoga leggings (what a surprise!) then scampered out of there. Oh yeh and the baby got a coat for the colder mornings on the School run.

A large food shop excites me more!

In case you don’t follow my various social media sites; twitter, Facebook and Instagram which is shown below and in your sidebar, you may have missed the excitement that my artwork features in this Season of The Fall. A BBC thriller which stars Jamie Dornan.

Here is the Portballintrae print in the corridor Gillian Anderson walked down. It’s the little achievements like this which make my career and hard work feel so worth it!FullSizeRender-29



  • I have written about my love of Abernethy butter on the blog before. Maybe it’s because I am originally from the countryside  or because I live in Ireland, but I appreciate every fold of this specially churned delight. It speaks to me and I will always make good choices if on a low carb day so I can embrace Abernethy butter on warm toast at night with my green tea.
  • When I can’t be bothered making a batch of my own protein bites I am a sucker for a protein bar. I used to be so against them whereas now I think “Why not?”. They compact so much in to such a small bar! I have mentioned the Fulfil bars before but I recently went back to the good old Quest. I love the banana nut muffin flavour with my morning coffee.



  • A little shout out to two of my favourite baby / kids brands. As I say above I don’t shop much so when I do, I do it with as few loop holes as I can. Supporting these women in their ventures is something I am passionate about. KyNa Boutique organic clothing I first discovered when I had my second boy. Jenny who owns it also happens to be a delight. Wolfie and Willow who make my leather changing bag and the little moccasin shoes I wear on Abe. A day doesn’t go by without someone commenting on how amazing they are. Products are made in Wales. Furthermore the owner Rhiannon now lives  in New Zealand where my husband and I visited after we were married, and she has such drive it is inspiring.
  • This is a more tricky topic to write about in comparison to my usual fluff in this weekly post. I wonder if any of you have suffered from mental health struggles before? I had a very low period after my second born and found that speaking to a counsellor was my only answer in the end and the BEST thing I could have done for clarity, tools to help me move forward, and really to know I was not alone in how I felt. There is a new campaign coming that features male and female Rugby players who share their personal battle with wellbeing on and off the pitch. I think campaigns like this can even help us girls find ways in which we could talk to our partners who we fear may be struggling. The campaign is called Tackle Your Feelings and you can get your free tickets to hear Ulster and Irish International Tommy Bowe talk on Tuesday night. Let’s keep communication open and join the fight against mental health.
  • Lately with all that is going on in the world I am more in love with our wee Belfast than ever before. I am the first person to travel and would happily take my kids to live abroad. However indulging in all things Belfast is at the heart of our family life. Culture night was amazing this year. Catch their video mash of it all on their Facebook page. Fall in love with your Belfast!

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