Weekend wellbeing 31.07.16

Weekend wellbeing 31.07.16

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The weekly posting of wellbeing stuff seems to make the months fly by!

Here we are with August approaching in the blink of an eye, and we will be thinking of the retun to School and the updating of uniforms.

Abe and I returned from the States on Tuesday after a decent five hour delay and a change of connecting flight. It was remarkable how it wasn’t unti lthe last leg of the trip (our flight from London to Belfast) that he and I both broke.

There was a lovely screaming and poo incident on the plane

Him not me!

I even shed a wee tear when my bugaboo pram didn’t arrive home with my other suitcase. Do you know this buggy? I got it for my first born eight years ago and it is fab.

I have never had to buy a little foldable buggy as the Cameleon is so versatile and adaptable.

It is crap on the beach though so if you know you’ll be doing beach walks, get a carrier! I use this one.

And I got my pram back in the end!

I am so inspired after my trip to New York so keep an eye out on my shop for new prints coming soon.

Your weekly wellbeing food and words below


  • Anything with halloumi cheese has me stuck. Try this dish for breakfast some time.
  • I had dean and deluca sushi almost every day after I worked out because I love sushi in all it’s forms. Have you ever made your own? Here is how. I recommend doing a night with friends it is great craic and you can make as many or as few rolls as you like!
  • I am trying to remember to keep my carbs up – please don’t be scared of carbs! They are still such a good fuel when chosen correctly and timed right. These are some of my faves for when I eat post workout, or even if I am just ravenous from feeding the baby so much.
  • Right now this Jamie Oliver chilli con carne made with beef brisket is over flowing on my hob. I will let you know how it turns out!


  • I enjoyed this read for anyone seeking advice who feels they are falling behind in life. Straight up chat.
  • This is my current favourite book and I am NOT one for parenting books. It is full of comedy snippets and delivered so casually yet remains informative.
  • They brought out the new Grit strength series at my gym. I took a friend along and found it was OK. I really enjoy classes and I especially love HIIT workouts (like here with Ian Young) but it seemed a bit manic. Anyone found that? Maybe I need to stick at it. It certainly worked my muscles!

Have a great start to August.

I have been mulling over new blogposts so when I get back into my post maternity leave give I will share all.

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