Weekend wellbeing 28.08.2016

Weekend wellbeing 28.08.2016

Back to School this week! My Belfast Royal academy print + other School prints can be found here 

Happy (UK) bank holiday weekend!

I start painting again tomorrow when my husband is off School and thankfully don’t have any Sunday night blues because of the lovely four and a bit months with our “wee chicken“.

The boys and I enjoyed our time at the North coast of Ireland with my Mum and came home on Thursday to start thinking about School, uniforms, routine etc!

I hope you’re having a good one.

Wellbeing links below

Also if you missed my own School journey aiming to encourage anyone out there who has been completing them recently, it’s here


  • I am a big fan of salmon at the best of time but intend to make this honey salmon recipe so I can have tasty salmon for snacks and lunch instead of always buying the expensive yet delicious Co-op variety.
  • Popped in to coffee roaster Root and branch today en route to church. Turns out one of my lovely customers owns it! Also the coffee was AMAZING! Go try .
  •  Love this list of how to de bloat in just a day!



  • Shout out to all the mums out there from the kid president “Hug more Shout less”. He is ADORABLE and I feel a bit emotional watching it.
  • Have any of you tried the built lean programme? I have yet to sign up to any programmes as I would love to achieve my pre baby fitness without it. However this is tempting and their free workouts, food and e book are cool
  • Since Abe’s arrival I have been so appreciative of quiet. My senses are definitely heightened and I am more in tune. Normally I have the radio on all the time. Here is my senses board on Pinterest which always seems so peaceful to me
  • Are you familiar with Belfast Times ? Such a cool hub of fun and news.

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