Weekend wellbeing 18.09.2016

Weekend wellbeing 18.09.2016


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I am pretty behind on making this post for you as it is 5pm on Sunday evening but I had an AMAZING week and fun weekend that it is worth being a little off track for.

I hope you have had a good one.

Last week somehow I managed to be organised which for me (our family) is by no means the norm. Work and play were on high demand for every one of us (my kids have a better social life than me sometimes!) so I had no choice but to knuckle down and apply myself!

I knew who was having what for dinner, packed lunches were easy to do, my to do lists were set out every night (OCD much?) and the laundry was only a *little* bit dishevelled! 

I finished a commission, also finished this little elephant painting which I will have prints of on the shop soon and Mel and I had our very successful Motherhoodalive photo meet yesterday. As you can tell I am buzzing!

Despite my organisation throughout the week, the weekend has been more about enjoying Belfast culture night, catching up with one of my oldest friends and eating tasty indian food with my hubby.

However, I loved the links below so I can whizz them down for you to enjoy easily 


  • My friend Sara in San francisco (I made this painting with her in mind) came across this lovely article about gin in Northern Ireland and Echlinville distillery.
  • Boiled eggs have made a comeback in our daily snacks. When we were in Africa on mission trips there was always a delicious tomato and boiled egg in the lunches. A great source of protein. Here are eleven ways to cook eggs for variety.
  • The baby is weaning and he loves his food so much but he seems to prefer the shop bought over what I make! I have four winning recipes so far that are successful but must keep trooping. I need to try  little Piccolo organic range who I follow on Instagram. 10% of their profits goes to food education too which just makes it all the more appealing for us Mums!



  • I really enjoyed this challenging blogpost stating that celebrities shouldn’t assume  they are politicians with their free speech and opinions. It is aimed at Jamie Oliver and his comment about Teresa May this week.
  • This from Charli Cohen (I treated myself to her leggings in the past) about why women benefit from weight training. So true. Get off that running machine and don’t be intimidated by the weights section girls!
  • I have probably linked to this book before but I see he now has programmes for developing your own form of brilliance which I find appealing (and may be necessary to be honest!) . The art of being brilliant is a great read and so helpful because of Andy Cope’s infectious enthusiasm.

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