Weekend wellbeing 11.09.2016

Weekend wellbeing 11.09.2016

The champagne special edition print is now LIVE on my shop! Buy here

I know I  say it a whole lot but a weekly post with a dates means that I have flash backs of sitting pregnant in March making them and then almost fall off my sofa when I see it’s five months later. Time flies doesn’t it!?

The past week was really cool as we had another good friend  visiting from New York so we had lots of conversations and outings around the place. Since he visits so often we really don’t feel we need to entertain him (sorry Stefan!) or to cover half of Northern Ireland’s tourist spots in two days. Therefore resting and getting caught up on each other’s lives is key.

I launched the champagne print – a reflection of me and my one of my loves! Also the football print is now on the shop which is a reflection of my life as a Mum of pretty stereotypical boys, two of whom adore football!

We have a tiny bit of ‘routine’ in our day and I am open armed ready for the mayhem of juggling these three boys and my exciting business as much as possible.

Taking time to sit with the radio off in the car when the baby sleeps or to walk home from School drop off with no music on my headphones has meant I enjoy quiet and can readjust when my head gets too filled with self doubt or underlying stress.

Your weekly wellbeing 


  • I have a few protein shakes here and here. But in July when I visited Juice generation in New York city I realised that my friend Grace was addicted to one which was exactly the same as my own recipe. UNTIL I checked the ingredients and there is one main variety- coconut milk. Go see Juice generation’s peanut butter spilt protein shake recipe.
  • Tonight I am making this greek salad for my husband and I. After the baby was born a neighbour made us stuffed vegetarian peppers and they had this salad with it. I rarely eat raw red onion or olives but this salad is incredible and quick to make.
  • To be honest I had intended to work alongside Clandeboye yogurt a few months ago but life was too hectic and I couldn’t focus. Then I sent the half made post out to my blog subscribers by mistake a few weeks ago! Anyway, that collaboration and giveaway is happening soon and in the interim I spotted their Greek yogurt in Tesco this week for just one pound!


  • How’s this for a workout? A girl who taught my pilates class after my first born was a rock climber and her upper body strength (and courage!) was amazing. This article reminded me of her. What a way to get outdoors and challenge yourself.
  • My friend Grace from The Stripe blog always has a book in her hand. No really, she whizzes through them and I often get the ones she finishes with. I have yet to complete ‘A place at the table‘ by Susan Rebecca White that Grace gave me last year! So here is Grace’s September reading list for you.
  • If you want some imagery that is good for your soul and a blog where you can immediately sense the tranquil voice and smooth accent of a lady originally from Brazil, then look no further than Renata of The Gelfis. We met through Mel and my #Motherhoodalive on instagram and seriously, I swoon at her photo feed and her three beautiful girls. For authentic viewing check Renata out here

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