Weekend Wellbeing 10.07.16

Weekend Wellbeing 10.07.16

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The past week has been super relaxing

and the first I have felt like I am on maternity leave, if that makes sense.

I have really enjoyed continuing with print orders and here on the blog but a week without the internet is amazing for ANYONE to experience.

I feel refreshed and loved the simplicity of our lazy breakfasts and afternoon naps during our week away in Donegal.

Weekend wellbeing below



  • I had the pleasure of working with food photographer Geoff Telford on a project with Food Co, an Irish food company. He photographed products and I made paintings of categories of food. Go look at his work! Here is the book we worked on.
  • I indulged in rich food and delightful wine over the past week but would love to get the ingredients for these slightly healthier snickers bars on Little green spoon.
  • THIS Gordon Ramsay spicy beef salad looks AMAZING!!

Happy Sunday.

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