Weekend Wellbeing 07.08.16

Weekend Wellbeing 07.08.16

Today we are visiting Dunluce Castle. See the print here.

The beauty of having had my summer in the U.S as an eighteen year old is that I made so many friends who are from a really big yet very close community.

I just got back from New York last week and already have another Treetops friend staying with us for a few days. She has travelled from San Francisco and it is wonderful to have her presence in our home!

There is nothing like a friend visiting to get you out and about, and to embrace our wee Northern Ireland.

Some links for you


  • I found Holly through my friend Rebekah at Lines and current. She is a fellow NI blogger who oozes style. Check out her latest post The strongest thing a woman can do which also features Reb’s Delta necklace. 
  • This is  a little bit different but someone lovely I know is suffering from lyme disease and I wanted to link awareness for you to peruse. See here
  • This article in the New Yorker is typical of the strange and funny conversations you can have with children when they just ask “Why?” in return.



  • I want to get back into my workout videos for you but for now feel free to check out Sarah Fit and I love this HIIT bodyweight workout
  • Simon is a fun instagram account to follow. He goes under the name Father of daughters. He has four girls and shares his experience of life through the lens with humour and sweetness.
  • Holland and Barrett have their penny sale on right now. We got some protein powder in there.
  • This week my work was picked up by Maírtín from New Belfast while on a tour of Neueda company where my art hangs. I love some of the work they are doing and their blog