Weekend wellbeing 04.09.2016

Weekend wellbeing 04.09.2016

The set of three city break A6 prints can be bought here for just twenty pounds.

Well hey there September!

Happy Sunday to you and thanks as always for checking in on this weekly post of links and recipes from around the globe.

Another one of our friends from Camp is visiting with us after a stint he had in Greece. From seeing his photos I am DYING to go some day. Have you been and if so did you love there?

Boring  I know but School started this week. Teamed with my return to painting we had a surprisingly successful few days and I didn’t feel absolutely floored- I’ll wait until homework starts and then I won’t be as smug!!

Fitness wise I had two free sessions for personal training at my gym. Due to time restraints I booked in for the full hour and used both coupons – HOLY MOLY I can hardly move today, two days on!!

I have only personally trained for a few months with Ian Young before and it was amazing for specific/ targeted results. So if you feel you need the motivation or accountability, or things aren’t changing for you then consider a PT for a block of sessions. Having someone know exactly what works for you is so wonderful.


  • Speaking of the gym. I have a new gym friend who is also an artist and Mum. Stephanie is pregnant with her second babe and trains five days a week. She looks amazing and I want you to see her incredible art. There is a beautiful delicacy in the way she applies paint and colour.
  • Another friend of mine has an open and honest blog. I was actually her”boss” in the horse riding programme last year and she is a beautiful wordsmith and writes here about moving forward in life and changed expectations.
  • Say goodbye to Summer with this fun tune. I have it blasting in my ears when I workout. Jonas Blue.



  • Abe and I won a Vita Coco hamper competition this week. Myself and other other bloggers used the #JustGetThirsty hashtag while thinking of the most creative way to workout. Mine was this HIIT workout  photo with my wee man along the Hudson river in NYC in July.
  • One of the prizes in our hamper was the Hemsley Hemsley cookbook. It’s cool and there are more of their recipes on their blog.
  • My brownie protein bites have been so popular this week. I hope to get better at knowing the protein content in the foods I give you. Not all of them, and I actually hate working out numbers yet find this really fun!
  • We are treating our friend to a night at Ox this week. Not cheap by any stretch but such a treat for the foodies among us. Save it for a special occasion, we went for our ten year anniversary. My husband went hungry which wasn’t his best move! Devoured those delicacies in seconds.

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