Weekend wellbeing 03.07.16

Weekend wellbeing 03.07.16

Summer holidays!!

Or at least for the kids amongst us.

Since Abe was born in April the time has absolutely flown by. I feel like May and June whizzed by me so now that we have no School runs, lunches to pack and uniforms to clean everything will be at a slower pace.


.Saying that the sibling fights and constant requests for pizza or fish and chips for dinner may add to the workload!

Your weekly dose of wellbeing is below.


  • We celebrated ten years of marriage this week and ate at Ox restaurant in Belfast. Way above our normal dining experience but such a treat. I enjoyed EVERY mouthful!
  • You know I love an avocado (I have one a day if I can- obsessed!). Pinch of yum share this simple poached egg and avocado on toast.
  • A great savoury muffin recipe from Rebecca of this-little-bird. I also follow her on Instagram and swoon over her imagery and general ease at navigating daily life as a Mum, illustrator and blogger.



  • Not necessarily words but without a doubt linked to wellbeing, the senses and storytelling which you know I love. The bearded candle makers (Michael and Mark) are a Belfast company who make candles (naturally) with divine scents. Their Irish collection is on my list of must haves, especially ‘A real turf fire’.
  • I have referred to the women business organisation that I am a part of. I am constantly amazed at the most amazing creatives on there who always smash their goals. Writer and owner of Motivated Mummy entrepeneurship Claire Mansell had her article published in Huffington post called From little things Big things grow 
  • After all the recent nights of viewing Irish football I LOVED this read about how our kids in NI don’t know the same Norther Ireland as us, it’s a positive and real article.

Happy weekend.


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