Weekend reading || Useful websites+articles

Weekend reading || Useful websites+articles

Aly’s takeaway coffee cup print above is available to buy here.

On this, Holy week I am slowing down with work and look forward to family time.

Have a nice Easter weekend. Some websites+articles for you-


  • For any of you on the solo entrepreneurial journey ( I am not a fan of using that term when thinking about my own business. But recently I started to take ownership of this tough, constant and thrilling life decision accepting that I’m somewhat an “entrepreneur”) here is advice from the blog society about striving forward and feeling ok about leaving people and things behind.
  • Following on from happiness, and at the risk of sounding “fluffy” making this all about “ME ME ME” / encouraging us to be all about our own wellbeing, this book by Martin Seligman is supposed to be a goodie. There is an ebook version I intend to get for the i pad.
  • As someone who travelled quite a bit on my own in my student days and even now with business, this article about women travelling alone is sad and very interesting.
  • On Mum note, I found this article cool listening to a Mother who has one child, and her reasons for this.



  • My friend Sarah and I LOVE coconut so between us we strive to make these white chocolate bunny tails from I Quit Sugar
  • I have been making an ebook/downloadable recipe book for you and have made the recipes vegan friendly. This video from The happy pear (Irish twins with amazing recipes) explains about protein and the vegan diet
  • The top twenty nutritious foods . Try to fit one of these into your easter food diary if you don’t already have it in there.
  • My cucumber DETOX water recipe in case you missed it.


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