Weekend reading- Your wellbeing 07.05.16

Weekend reading- Your wellbeing 07.05.16

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Woohoo for the Saturday chilling.

How was your week?

Life this end is pretty unpredictable, but to be fair, whose life is ever predictable!?

Hopefully the few reads and recipes below will allow you to forget the things that may have upset you over the past few , and take you to a relaxed place of thoughtfulness and fun.




  • Surely any time of the year is good for a hot cross bun? Especially on a weekend. This recipe from my friend Alice Judge-Talbot has apple, cinnamon and salted caramel…um, yes please!
  • Tips for making fruit and veg fun for our kids by Jamie Oliver
  • I always make a bit of a hash with my sweet potato wedges but my hubby is great at making them. These loaded sweet potato wedges from The Little Green spoon look incredible + healthy.

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