Weekend reading/ Useful websites+blogposts

Weekend reading/ Useful websites+blogposts

Happy Sunday eve,

Some of the reads, recipes and articles I believe you will find helpful in your everyday journey this week.

I have been enjoying yoga and swimming this week on a physical level.  Then emotionally I have found my hand lifting my Marian Keyes book during the nights of insomnia rather than the stare at the blue light of my phone.

I reckon its my body’s way of naturally embracing the calm before the potential storm of three kids in my world i.e: further sleep deprivation !

The boys are so eager to meet the baby

they ask all the time if we’re getting he/she today and, “Will they talk or just lie there Mummy?”.

It seems weird sharing this information but the personal definitely over rides the business side of my world right now.

Regardless of the fact that I am stocking up recipes for the blog and am determined for my website to be more slick.

The homepage will be changing this week. Keep a look out.




  • Love this protein banana bread from luxury UK sportswear designer Charli Cohen (I have a pair of her laser leggings- a treat to myself after I recovered from pneumonia)
  • I am part of a female business association and one of the women Rachida just had her article published in the huffington post this week. It is about the confusion around vegans eating eggs (which i am not going to lie about, this was something I stupidly thought was true until recently ) and pretty educational.
  • Did you get my downloadable recipe e book yet? It has juice, granola, lunch and smoothie in there. Just sign up with your e mail on my website alyharte.com Then it will drop to your mailbox for your perusal. There are vegan alternatives in there too


Please keep letting me know here in the comments or on instagram about the topics you would like to discuss on here. 

AND all Mummas remember to tag Mel and my hashtag #MOTHERHOODALIVE in the images that show what makes you spark. It’s a thriving little community packed with gentle and lovely images.

Have a great week .