Weekend reading for your wellbeing 16.04.16

Weekend reading for your wellbeing 16.04.16

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Aaaaaaanndddd weekend!

This feature always creeps up on me despite the fact that I am continuously reading and scouring for good content for you throughout the week.

I will keep it short and allow you to get scrolling and clicking.

But remember if there are any topics or content or specific recipes you would like to know about on the blog I would honestly LOVE your input.

This body of words, images and wanderings is for you, after all.

I had a (kind of embarrassing) five minute bump photo shoot with my friend Jamie Trimble this week. As someone who used to be a professional photographer , I can say that a camera phone selfie is MUCH easier than standing posing and all that nonsense. But Jamie ALWAYS makes me feel at ease, says the right thing and I love working with him. Check out his work if you’re on the look out for a pro.


  • I just met Linn this week through one of my members sites and her oat squares are the perfect re fuel for busy lives. PLUS she shares information on ‘functional snacking’.
  • If you missed it a few days ago then get yourself over to Gary’s feature here on the blog and embrace his versatile Meat free burger recipe


  • I am sure you have all heard by now about ‘I QUIT SUGAR’ with Sarah Wilson. This article is about how it hit the ground running and the 8 week programme has been a success worldwide
  • This article from Greatest is helpful for coping with time management and learning to say ‘No’.
  • I love this advice and matter of fact approach by Nia Shanks on how working out shouldn’t hurt and your diet should’t be miserable


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