Weekend reading 15.05.16

Weekend reading 15.05.16

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May is whizzing by

and we are looking forward to  time with my extended family in a few weekends time to celebrate my Granny who this blog is named after, Edna.

Our latest addition to the family is also named after her with his middle name being Enda.

It is an Irish name meaning “freedom of spirit”.  Master Abraham is already proving to be quite the spirited wee monkey.

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I trust that you will be able to spend time with loved ones and feel good about yourself.

Thanks as always for reading and sharing.

If there are any articles relevant to the blog content I share and that you want me to see please please share them in the comments below.

I love to share the joy!


  • This is a bit gross yet informative. It is by Jenn Ryan and discusses the mycotoxins (a by product of mould) in our foods.
  • Continuing on the theme of organising , here are some organised kitchen ideas.
  • I have visited here a few times in belfast and love the variety and how clean the place is. Add Raw Rebellion to your next brunch outing. Raw food packed with flavour.


  • I found this NI website which has reviews on local and international travel. It’s visual and very mobile friendly. It’s called This is the craic
  • Ian Young discusses the importance of sleep here 
  • These five tips on how to be happy on the guardian. They aren’t as fluffy as some articles are and I especially like the one abut not comparing ourselves to others. Roosevelt said it after all-


  • This article about overcoming writers block. This is good if you’re into blogging or journalling. I see the tips a bit like I would teach with art- sometimes you have to just make something, anything to see progress and to stay creative.

Have a great week.


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