Weekend breakfast idea. Egg muffins.

Weekend breakfast idea. Egg muffins.

In our house we have a little Sunday tradition that really has only become a tradition because we are so greedy and enjoy grub so much, it’s called “Second breakfast”.

It mostly involves cooked eggs of some variety along with yoghurt and fresh fruit and bacon or turkey sausages.It’s something that my husband and I stole from our visits to The grey dog in NYC for brunches that include yoghurt, fruits and grilled food all on one plate, yum!

Egg muffins have become a regular visitor at Second breakfast and are really so versatile using up whatever you have in the fridge. This in itself means they are a go-to for brunch style sit downs too.

You can use cooked bacon, chicken, mushroom, feta cheese, goats cheese or  peppers. Any ingredients you want (I love to use the dregs from chilies or other leftovers in the fridge!) to make delicious egg muffins.



* 6 eggs whisked

*1 medium courgette, spiralled and excess water squeezed out of it using a paper towel

*2 slices cooked ham, chopped into cubes

*1/4 white onion finely chopped

*20g grated cheddar cheese

*6 substantial pieces of buffalo mozzarella to top each of the six muffins before placing in the oven

*coconut oil/olive oil to grease muffin tin

*muffin tin

*Salt and pepper to season

190oc oven


– Add all ingredients except the mozzarella to a mixing bowl, if you desire, add some milk to bulk the recipe out and help with the pouring into each muffin case.

– Pour enough of the mixture into the greased muffin compartments to almost reach the top of it’s case.

– Place a piece of torn buffalo mozzarella into each muffin case.

-Season again with some black pepper before placing in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Depending on your oven keep an eye as they may need longer or shorter time. Check they are cooked through before serving, a good way to tell is if the egg white parts are still see through. If this is the case, put them back in, or let them rest i nthe tin as eggs keep cooking after they are taken off or out of the heat.

*If serving as brunch this is tasty with some salad leaves, cherry tomatoes and apple cider vinegar


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