Post Christmas breakfast, for chilling.

Post Christmas breakfast, for chilling.

I have mentioned it here before how much our family love to have a second breakfast on holidays or more importantly at weekends.

This is a simple variation on a standard fry and was inspired by the new Goodness Rocks healthy eating cafe in Belfast. So use it for Boxing day or another morning during the School break.

Feta scrambled eggs and turkeys sausages

  • Select Five good fresh eggs for two people
  • Crack and whisk in a jug or bowl
  • Add to a pan of melted butter and season well
  • As with most of my eggs recipes I like to follow Delia Smith and on this instance I scrape the eggs off the bottom of the pan as they start to set which makes for a lovely smooth scrambled egg.
  • Grill your turkey sausages. I use my home butchers for this one as they are essentially speciality sausages because of their lean quality.
  • You can use good quality steak beef or pork sausages, or bacon. Or if you are a vegetation why not spiral some courgette, fry it off with sliced peppers and add some chilli flakes. Furthermore, you could use veggie patties.
  • When the eggs are almost done add in your feta cubes or crumbled bite size pieces to the pan with the eggs
  • Above I have also used chopped scallions fried in butter and sliced cherry tomatoes.
  • Lift the pan off the heat and allow the feta in between the eggs as they continue to finally cook off the heat
  • Season well and add to the plate.
  • Not featured in the photo above is the seeded bread we toasted. Why not go fancy and get some sour dough, or rye bread which is so tasty.
  • Enjoy with a frothy coffee or large decanter of filter or a pot of tea.

Happy Christmas!

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