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  Having worked out a few times at David Lloyd with Mike it has reminded me, once again, that small significant movements in personal fitness can make all the difference when wanting to get results. In case you are new to the site head over here to read all about Mike. The blogpost includes his back ground as a professional rugby player as well as his love for family time and all about his personal training. The resistant band routine above is all about making deliberate moves and executing them well. No fancy jumping around just straight forward movements performed well. I have added in another workout below with kettle bells that Mike showed me and we did after the band session. It was such a hit on my instagram and I know you will love it too.

Mel is a familiar face to my blog.

She shared this post on living ethically and also some comedy Mum moments two days ago along with three other bloggers.

Although we met online,

Mel and I now have a fun, honest, laughter filled, photo loving real life friendship. As a duo, after much deliberation we came up with a hashtag and hope to venture into a little online world with you.

A world where motherhood is celebrated as a motivator

This home workout designed by Kaisa is perfect for anyone who is tight for time yet wants to squeeze in a heart lifting energetic boost!

We had initially planned to do this via Skype but sadly this didn't come to fruition.. I absolutely LOVE watching Kaisa do these. She amazes me with her strength and powerful body.


I hope you have enjoyed the introduction to this new Expert series on the blog.

It is going to be a monthly feature and I have a range of dancers, cyclists, boxers and many other fitness gurus lined up for the future to educate us and to share their skills. I am SO excited to have the privilege to learn from these guys. I am even more excited to have you all as part of this community. Please do comment below on anything you would love to see more of. I am learning as I go along and enjoy the process of gathering and sharing, but ultimately it is for YOU. Stick with me as I want to hit the spot in your fitness and healthy lifestyles so you feel inspired. Subscribe to the blog (button to the right of the screen or bottom of the screen if on a mobile device) and please do share your wisdom while on the journey with me.

This bodyweight workout that Ian designed is one to inspire anyone, anywhere, anytime.

I like to think of myself as a keen enough fitness junkie. I get such a kick out of working out with friends and at group sessions.

But put me in a gym on my own and I struggle. I look at the built guys with their arms so muscular they can barely fold them, and people doing chin ups or wall stands, and I get intimidated. Lately I have tried to remember some of the drills I see on different workout videos, or circuits I have completed at the conditioning part of a boxing session. However I could always benefit from more structure.

Thankfully, Ian is here to show us what to do with a thirty minute window at the gym

I have an obsession with sculpted arms. I don't really have sculpted arms and I eat sour patch kids and drink wine too often to allow my little biceps any time to tighten up regardless of the training I put into them. But I like the idea of strength in the upper body. Even Madonna with her manly limbs appeals to me, for some unknown reason…