Top five tips for juicing + a recipe

Top five tips for juicing + a recipe

I love a green juice.

Not enough to think we should be obsessed with them. But I recognise that it is good to go back to whole foods as nourishment for our bodies.

I thought I would share with you how to keep juicing sustainable in your life i.e: think less about the hassle that goes with home juicing and focus more on making it quick and do-able.

I make juices in the morning when time is precious so a strategy is necessary!!

Here are my top five juicing tips

1. Plan recipes ahead

Food waste is not clever, it’s not kind and it’s not nice so cut down on wilting fruit and veg by planning your three or four juices ahead of schedule. Add the ingredients to your list.

Also keep your purchasing local when possible by looking at what is in season.

2. Peel (I only peel ginger, lemons and limes), chop and prepare ingredients before you begin

Simple really but if you have them all sitting ready to put down the shoot, you’re flying. No stop and start action.

3. Use a biodegradable food bag to collect the waste

A customer of mine has the same juicer as I do and I noticed she had the clever idea to collect the waste at the back of the juicer so it makes cleaning quicker.

If you are making soup from the rinds I recommend you don’t collect the peelings in a food bin liner.

4. Wash the juicer before you drink

Yes, that’s a tip- wash the segments of your juicer BEFORE you drink the goods.

I add ice to the juice in the jug while I wash the juicer then I get a chilled drink when I’m done.

5. Find recipes that make bulk amounts

Make a juice for your mate for heavens sake. Don’t go to all that effort all of the time for your taste buds alone.

Furthermore, some juices keep for 24+hour so make enough to have two days in a row. Just remember to shake it first!


Here is another of my favourite recipes on the blog.


Now here is a bonus recipe inspired by one I tried in NYC at new year.

  • 2 Pears
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 2 celery stalks
  • small piece of ginger ( I often use medium as I love the tang or ginger!)
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 cucumber
  • water if needs



Peel ginger and lemon. De seed lemon. Chop all other ingredients and put through the juicer. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.


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