Tony & Jen’s Beet Balls

Tony & Jen’s Beet Balls

If you’re a fitness junkie living in or around the Belfast area, then you’ve heard of Tony & Jen’s excellent adventure (see what I did there?).

Between the duo they have travelled, trained other human beings how to feel at their best in their bodies, written articles on wellness in papers and magazines.

Basically, they’re a darn good package deal

Their eatery on the Lisburn road combines their liveliness and nutritional education into one ball of tasty food in lush surroundings.


So it is magical to have them share not one but TWO recipes with us this festive season.

The first is a sweet ball of yumminess that I have a tendency to pick up with an almond latte during deliveries.


1 beet
4 tbs coconut oil
4 tbs cacao
1 tbs maple syrup (2 if you’re having an indulgent day)
zest of 1.5 oranges
pinch himalayan rock salt
pinch of cinnamon


•Preheat oven to 180 degrees
•Peel your beet and wrap it in tin foil, roast on a tray in the oven until soft to the squeeze
•At this stage the beet should pretty much pop out of the skin
•Add beetroot to blender and whizz up into a puree
•Follow this with coconut oil, maple syrup, salt, cinnamon & orange zest
•Add all ingredients to blender and blitz on full power until smooth
•Add your cacao and slowly blend so you don’t get an explosion of powder all over your kitchen
•Once thoroughly mixed scrape out ingredients and put into a bowl, leave this in the fridge for at least 30 minutes
•Once slightly more solid begin ball rolling, in what ever shape or size you so desire. We make them 30g every time to help stop us eating 126g bliss balls!
•Coat or roll them in desiccated coconut/chopped nuts or even cacao powder (if you want a master blast of chocolate)


-If the coating won’t stick to the ball try rolling the balls in a squeeze of fresh orange juice and then rolling them in the coating
-Store these bad boys in the fridge for unto 5 days

-We use our homemade almond milk but if you havent the time, try & find an unsweetened one

You could also swap out almond butter for cashew or hazelnut if you want to spice it up!

“have your cake & drink it”

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