The Unintentional Artist

The Unintentional ArtistWhat is The Unintentional Artist?


My monthly teaching programme CAN BE PURCHASED HERE via


Learn new skills and grow in your current practice.


You completed the workshop they bought for Christmas, now you have the hunger for art. You tried my Youtube channel and Impressionism intrigues you.


The palette knife baffles you and when you hear the birds sing outside you dream of translating it onto a page.


I can help!


My classes serve as an act of escapism as well as teach you valuable skills you didn’t think you could master.

With over twenty years experience running art workshops as a professional artist I am delighted to be offering you four art demos and a live Q and A each month.


For a long time I was happy leading you on a Friday night once a month but it didn’t always work for you and your diary and it restricted me in the time scale for teaching. My new subscription model is the answer for both of us!


Use the list of materials provided to get ready or purchase the Aly Harte kit from Bradbury Graphics.

15-45 minute slots where I teach you my mastery.  Sketching, pen skills, painting techniques, how to loosen up your painting and more.



Visiting artists will lead you in other skills such as watercolour, portraiture and creative writing. I am very excited to have this finally come to fruition. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are!


During the Friday night workshops last year we had people join from Dubai, Singapore, New York city, Dublin, Aberdeenshire in Scotland and London.


Our online community is a time when once a month we can discuss current work (this is restricted to forty five minutes so you can be quick submitting your questions and rest safe in the knowledge that this Q and A won’t take all day) and I can answer your burning questions.


Let’s get creative together. I am not a therapist but I know that there is healing to be had in the process of creating. I am thrilled to be able to lead you as you learn new skills and grow in your practice.


Getting started


To begin my course I recommend buying the Aly Harte pack from Bradbury Graphics, Belfast. They ship all orders over £35 for free. Your art pack for this course is £50-£100.  However if you wish to source your own materials, the list is on my subscription page.


All instructions are also in this Setup Guide.