The Spiraller. An exclusive offer for you.

The Spiraller. An exclusive offer for you.

If you follow my instagram feed you will see spiral recipes pop up a great deal.

I purchased The Spiraller a few months ago and it has fitted perfectly into my life. I LOVE creative food ideas (that’s why I had “A modern way to eat” by Anna Jones reviewed on the blog last month, she loves layered, fun recipes) so the spiraller added fun and versatility to our weekly cooking.

For those of you who don’t know what the heck a spiralizer is, it is the little gadget seen in the image above. One uses it to twist vegetables through the fine blades at the centre to make noodles. The most popular dish being “courgetti” which is courgette spiralled and served as a replacement for spaghetti pasta.

It has also proved in our house and in my friend Julie’s house to encourage kids to eat more vegetables.

This month I have an opportunity to offer you guys a vegetable spiralizer from Amazon worth £12.99 at a 75% discount in exchange for leaving an unbiased product review on amazon once you have given the spiralizer a test run.

To get your voucher for 75% off, simply email- with the subject title “The spiraller.”

Be quick because there are only 50 up for grabs!

Prime Folks Co will then email you the link to their amazon listing along with the 75% promotion code and instructions on how to buy.

The Spiraller you will purchase is the same one that I have.

I love this product and I only post information and products that are in keeping with my blog. This is definitely in keeping with my blog so go get the discount code and leave an unbiased review. Easy.Peasy.

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