The privilege of motherhood | A celebration.

The privilege of motherhood | A celebration.

I read blogposts about motherhood these days and it is often about the struggles and strife of trying to parent young children.

I am as guilty as anyone.  You can see my gripes here and here. Sometimes venting helps with the support network we feel as Mums finding our way in this.

But what about if we celebrate motherhood, the laughs, the raves, the fun and the joy that these mini Mum and Dads bring us?

What about looking at the best parts instead of the worst or even still, what is yet to come in our lives once we get through the sleepless nights or the teenage years.

So today I want to do that.

I think we all know someone who is yet to feel the tug of a child on their shirt when in the flow of conversation, or shout “mumaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy” from the top of the stairs when they lose their toothpaste.

And that is hard.

So so hard to comprehend when like me, motherhood came at the age of twenty five.

I often wonder what life would have been like if we had waited to have our family.

I LOVE to travel, as does my husband and we enjoy socialising as much as possible (this Sunday we have over 70 friends coming to our third baby’s baptism, because we love a good party).

So would we have “done more as a couple” or have felt more fulfilled if we had waited to pop out the sprogs?

In 2009 after our first boy, tummy tubs and post baby weight conversations were had mainly online with fellow young mums while my friends were out in the club enjoying their hen parties and birthdays with late nights and champagne!

But I really wouldn’t change ANY of it. My arms and my heart is full to capacity. As trite as that may sound.

This third and final babe of ours took a lot more work and the journey to get him into our lives was a slower process (read our adoption story here) . I look at him in his snuzpod or on his mat with his toes in his hands and I could weep with joy.

“What a dude” I often say to my husband.

That overwhelming, tummy tightening, eyes welling feeling is AMAZING!

So if you are in the stage of leaky boobs, potty training, sibling fights or teenage acne with your kids. Know that it will pass.

It’s a common saying but a total gem

“The days are long but the years are short”

Here’s to motherhood, the privilege that it is and the sheer joy it brings.

Pass on to any Mums who need encouragement today!

If you are on instagram please join Mel and I in our #motherhoodalive hashtag which has now over 10,000 posts celebrating what makes you spark as a Mum.

For any of you out there waiting for your bundle whether it be a long process of miscarriages, years waiting to be an adoptive parent, “failed” ivf or otherwise. You fight a fight every day that I cannot begin to understand. My intentions with this celebratory post were not to seem patronising or to cause upset.