The perfect crispy egg, Edna style.

The perfect crispy egg, Edna style.

If you follow my instagram journey you will know that my Granny (who this blog is named after- read more here) turned ninety on Friday.

So I felt it only right that I should honour her with some of her simple but wonderful cooking tips and recipes.

I don’t know about you, but I love an egg cooked right. For some of us that is with a hard yolk, and for others it’s a “runny egg” where the yolk runs onto the plate.

Mine is the latter, and my Granny always got it just right without having any of that  watery undercooked “stuff” leftover around the yolk and at the beginning of the white.

So here is my wisdom mixed with my Granny’s, who made us crispy fried eggs in the pan in her low ceiling kitchen in the Armagh countryside.

fried egg

-Use ‘banty’ (hen) eggs that are as fresh as possible.

-Lift eggs out to room temperature before cooking.

-Heat a frying pan to med/high heat.

-Add a generous dollop of butter to the pan (if you prefer oil or bacon fat then fire on but I like me some good wholesome fats.) such as abernethy locally made.

-Crack the egg into the pan and keep it on the high heat for close to a minute.

-Turn the heat down slightly and use a spoon to scoop the buttery liquid over the yolk.

-This starts to cook the yolk without having to flip it and make it over cook.

-Watch for your desired egg to form and lift off the heat remembering that eggs often continue to cook once they are taken off the heat.

-Sometimes I do a last flip of the egg onto the wet buttery pan to quickly seal the top of the yolk if I’m unsure of the end product.

-If you want a drier finish to your yolk just cook for longer minding not to burn under the white.

Enjoy your perfect crispy egg in a buttered floury bap or, with some greek yoghurt and chilli flakes in a tortilla wrap like Anna Jones makes.