The BEST savoury Crepe RECIPE !

The BEST savoury Crepe RECIPE !

Thank you to The Crepe Makers

for sharing a delightful, refreshing and creative combination of ingredients with me for Shrove Tuesday celebrations!

I am honoured to be able to share it and hope you enjoy.

I love pancakes so much that I had crepes at my thirtieth birthday party!

And that is where The Crepe Makers came into play, serving crepes to my guests. Fab-U-Lous.

Colin is the brains behind the operation (featured in the middle of the picture below)and he is married to Clare. I had the pleasure of photographing their winter wedding back in my beautifully fun photographing days.

My mum ALWAYS let us have pancakes for dinner on pancake Tuesday.

I know that tonight my kids will be begging for Nutella and strawberries or maple syrup on theirs.

But my hubby and I will be having the recipe below

which is straight from The Crepe Makers menu.

Scroll through the pics below and when you’re at Balmoral show, An Ulster rugby game at Kingspan, or at St Georges market this weekend, look them up!


BEST savoury CREPE RECIPE Ever| Darling Edna | Aly Harte blog

Darling Edna | The Crepe Makers savoury | RECIPE|


The Crepe Makers have a ton of ideas on the menu however I have picked their best seller

  • Ham, mozzarella, sweet onion chutney and pesto


So many strong flavours in there and although I use shop bought chutney which as we know will have sugars in there, it all feels light and wholesome which I adore.

I use Nigella Lawson’s classic crepe recipe which makes 8-10 frying pan sized crepes.

Don’t be afraid of making crepes

because of the extremely thin consistency of the mixture. Just don’t make them too thick in the pan and manipulate the mixture around the pan to ensure the crepe is even.

I  make my own pesto as I am fussy about it being too overpowering.

*Feel free to use this pesto recipe which I like or, buy ready made.*

BEST Savoury CREPE Recipe | Darling Edna | Aly Harte blog | Shrove Tuesday


  1. Batch of crepe pancakes
  2. Pesto
  3. 1 ball of mozzarella torn into shreds
  4. 6 slices of cooked ham ( I try to get the best quality I can find, usually from the deli counter)
  5. Baxter caramelised onion chutney or a sweet onion chutney of your choice.


The best savoury CREPE RECIPE | Darling Edna | Aly Harte |


  • 1 crepe
  • 1 level tbsp pesto
  • 1 level tbsp caramelised onion
  • 5 or 6 shreds of the mozzarella ball
  • 1 slice of cooked ham torn into section


  1. Once you have your cooked crepe ready, apply the caramelised onion thinly to the whole crepe
  2. Add tbsp of pesto on top of the caramelised onion
  3. Decorate the ham and mozzarella sporadically on one half of the crepe knowing that you will be folding it over.
  4. Fold the crepe on half keeping all ingredients inside.
  5. Then fold in half again making it like a triangle or what looks like a party hat!
  6. Enjoy.every.mouthful.

*I tried it without the ham for any one who is vegetarian and it still hit the spot with those smack bang flavours*


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