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When you have the cookbook of an Irish chef on your kitchen shelf and they agree to share one of their recipes with you, it's flipping exciting.

I was first introduced to Sophie's cookbook, through my sister in law Jen who studied at Trinity with her and I immediately loved the homeliness of the food, the moody crisp photography and the fact that Sophie lists the seasonal vegetables so we can keep our shopping local.

You can buy her book 'Quick and Easy feel good food'  here and know that it is family friendly.

We try to make #MeatFreeMonday a consistent 'thing' in our house.

Often Monday dinner is when we throw together leftovers and making it meatless leftovers can be the last thing on our mind, especially if we had roast chicken the day before. However we do strive to better this routine and without a doubt there is at least two meals in the week anyway which are without meat. We are trying! Last week was National vegetarian week and I shared quite a few recipes on my instagram. I find Gwyneth Paltrow's book "It's all good" has great fish recipes, Susan Jane White's book "Extra virgin kitchen" is packed with wholesome everything to stock up your veggie recipes ideas, and the good old bbc food website is a decent one for lentil curries and other basic vegetarian meals suitable for the family.

Here is my husband's falafel recipe (all in his own words)