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I met Kaisa through my blogging friend Alice Harold (who I have guest posting for us next month).

A few months after I had my second child Alice had a series about inspirational women and Kaisa was one of them. Kaisa's blog was the first honest and open impression I had of people who just made fitness work for them, if that makes sense. She had this ability to fit runs into her days and to perform home workouts around work and kids and general busyness which started to really change my views about living a  healthy lifestyle. Seeing this inspiration and motivation was super, especially as I was at home with two kids under three everyday of the week. I felt suitably driven to become more upbeat. I also struggled emotionally( a mixture of post natal depression and a delayed onset of grief from losing my Dad at a young age) after our second child was born so Kaisa's "see how it goes" and "enjoy exercise" attitude really helped on low days.