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When Aly asked me to write this blog I was immediately suspicious.

Is she going to put it out there as the example not to follow? The do nots of fatherhood. As she has been know to tell me on occasions I am not the perfect parent far; from it.

Also many of the things I write on here are like Yorkie bars


This year I am all about following my heart.

  My heart wants me to throw some (hopefully encouraging) advice about motherhood to you. So here it is. I have two boys. One is three and the other turns six today so it seems rather fitting that I chose this day, the same day that six years previously changed my life for-ever. Right about now I was in the hospital feeling like I had collided with the stork on it’s way in when delivering the baby using a metal forklift. Then I sat staring at the fattest baby with the tiniest eyes that I ever did see. It was emotional.