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Writing a story like this doesn't come without it's tears, for me.

The wonderful thing about a wellbeing blog is that it stretches to all areas and all folks in this spinning globe we are privileged to live on. image1

I grew up with Elaine, we were tiny little Girl brigade girls, rode horses together as teenagers, and her cousin and best friend Vikki married my brother.

So we well connected. So much so that our Mums are good friends too and when her Mum Vera was diagnosed with uterine cancer which had spread in November a dark cloud of worry, sadness and fear hit like a domino effect from the immediate family right through to the rest of us on the sidelines. You have to know Vera, she is like wonder woman, without the bold t shirt. She is committed to her family, a devoted wife to James (who loves a good cricket based chin wag with my husband Michael) and literally runs everything musical in her church as quietly as a mouse. To the point that I look at an organ in any given church or chapel and immediately think of Vera sitting there with her lovely cardigans and bobbing head.

She is to be admired,

No more so, than when she decided to face her cancer head on and to go down the alternative treatment route.