Stay on track with healthy eating + RECIPES

Stay on track with healthy eating + RECIPES

Being pregnant this time around has shown me how much I rely on good eating to feel good.

You can read my dreary hyperemesis post here.

Thankfully since the volume of sickness lifted I have been able to get back on track with my healthy eating… that is whenever hormones aren’t raging and all I care for is a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Phish food ice cream.

From the outside, some say I still look “in good shape” for 29 weeks pregnant.

I hear comments like “You’re lucky you have good genes” “….a fast metabolism” which are all true and I don’t despute that this factors into how I look. Mind you I am already three stone heavier than my normal weight ,but that’s by the by…

If my love for this journey into whole foods and healthy living has taught me anything, it’s that

shape doesn’t necessarily reflect how healthy you are.

I love these images showing that there is no such thing as a “yoga body”.

Ian Young (I can’t wait  to get back to workouts like this from Ian) and I discussed in the past how I used to be “A skinny fat person” .

This can mean one’s exterior shows a form like small thighs, thin wrists and a gaunt face. But if their diet is mainly junk and high sugar or processed food, then they’re not actually a healthy weight.

Weight can be a tough battle and one only YOU can journey on.

It’s your decision to pursue what is right for you, your shape and your health.

As I say all along on here, I am not an expert

so take this as my own personal wisdom for staying on track with healthy eating, nothing more.

Please seek professional advice for structure and a specifically manufactured diet especially for you.

1. Make your shopping list

in advance keeping in mind the meals, snack and drinks you will consume in a week

My juice recipes are here and here.

Also my protein ball posts are here and here.

I try to break down the main list into fats , carbs and proteins, fruits and veg.

2. Plan meals

This is great and you can find many of my recipes in this section to help with ideas.

It also allows you to see ahead of schedule the nights socialising you have in front of you so you can cut back on certain indulgences

 (like the mid week wine, which I am very prone to!).

Furthermore if you’re training five times a week, you know to increase proteins, calorie intake and fluids for those days in particular.

3. Cook when you can.

There are SO many ready made grains, pre cooked meats, clean bags of spinach etc to keep you afloat with quick meals.

Don’t let cooking be a chore.

But when you do cook, have the ingredients as ready as possible so you can crack on and enjoy the process and the result.

Some of my meals that include shop bought ingredients are this and this

Lunches prepared in advance are a blessing so do as many of them as you can- I love this food prep video by fitness guru Carly Rowena.

4. Rotate fruit and vegetables. 

This keeps you from getting too much sugar from one type of fruit, and it also keeps your eating interesting.

So instead of sweet potato two weeks in a row swap it for butternut squash.

I like this butternut squash and kale lasagne from Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s brain child.

5. Be consistent.

My kids have a ritual that they get a McDonalds treat after swimming. The last three times we have been at the drive through I am shocked at my ability to refrain from ordering myself a sweet chilli wrap and fries with a diet coke!

Like I say above there is a time and a place for everything

and sometimes I cave and large that fries and drink to the max, but I KNOW it doesn’t make me feel good.

Lately I get a coffee to drink with my apple. Then go home and have my quick salmon or prepped turkey burgers.

6. Allow treats.

It goes without saying, if you deprive and starve yourself you’re never going to last the distance, and you won’t ever be a convert to the healthier lifestyle.

Furthermore your body will begin to use it’s stored fats and you get into a vicious cycle.

Slot in time whether it be rigidly or loosely keeping an eye on your food intake in a day, and let yourself have a sesame seed bagel instead of no carbs at lunch, or eat that bun that you know brings you so much joy.


Have a goal, write it down if needs be, and strive forward.

Eating well is the key to my moods, my emotions and my strength.

When I tackle the weights section at the gym, swim an extra thirty lengths or simply get dressed into my favourite outfit for a night out- knowing I have eaten well makes all of this easier and more fun.

Go for it!


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