Simply steak night (recipe)

Simply steak night (recipe)

Hands down steak is my favourite meal. I’m like a big carnivore tearing though my dinner. This is gross, I know.

I mean, when I have all my veggies cooked and am ready to fire up that grill pan to the highest heat, I know I am in for a treat.

My face turns red with rage when I think back to the days I asked for a steak well done!! Nowadays it is medium rare all the way. If even a little more rare as I get older.

So here is my simple steak advice…

Take from it what you will but don’t feel you have to do anything on here in terms of timings and seasoning. Work with that lump of meat so you get it just how you like it.

Cuts of steak don’t come cheap so you want that baby to be EXACTLY as you please.

I’m at the point in life where I don’t really care what is served with the steak, as long as the steak is cooked well and packed with flavour.

If you would rather quinoa, roasties, thick cut chips, refried beans or cabbage with yours, do as you see fit and enjoy.

This recipe is basically a clean eating one with quite low carb content and relatively high fat content using butter in the pan with the steak and the fact the steak is ribeye.


-Sweet potatoes

-One Onion

-Head of Broccoli

-Green beans

-Packet of mushrooms or large handful

-Garlic cloves

-Cherry tomatoes

-Ribeye, fillet or sirloin steak (I started to use only ribeye after my brother told me it has the most flavour because of the soft fat through it. )

-Olive oil, full fat butter, cayenne pepper, maple syrup.

-Seasoning of salt and pepper.



Meat tip

Allow your steak to sit out at room temperature in it’s olive oil, seasoning and little cloves for up to an hour before cooking. This aids the cooking of the centre and the salt starts to dissolve into the skin so you get a delicious crisp outer layer. Beaut


While your meat is getting all ready for the big cook off…

-Super thinly slice your onion and add it along with the chopped mushrooms to a small saucepan of butter and olive oil.

Put on a low heat and cover to allow them to merge. They almost caramelise over time.

-Peel and Slice the sweet potato into chip like slithers. Sprinkle with seasoning and cayenne pepper. Drizzle maple syrup and olive oil on top.

Set slices out onto a baking dish.

Cook in a hot oven for ten minutes then turn each slice and bake them for another ten to fifteen minutes.

-I use a le creuset grill pan that is as heavy as a car but now that I understand the whole chargrilling side of it, I cannot cook steak without it.

The smoke sets my smoke alarm off but it’s worth it.

Crank the heat up HIGH and add in some butter until it foams. When you see smoke off the pan add the steaks on there using utensils.

DON’T move the steaks.

Adjust the heat down a little if needs be so it doesn’t totally burn the pants off the outer layer. But keep them in position so the cooking is consistent and you get the lovely chargrilled marks.

-I add my garlic, onions and mushrooms into the pan at this stage along with the cherry tomatoes.

I think it’s best not to overcrowd your pan when cooking steaks, therefore just do as you wish with the other bits and add at the end after you have cooked one side if needs.

As I like them rare,I cook my steaks for 3-4 minutes on each side. I know this depends on the heat of your particular cooker et al.

So I found this guide about steak cooking advice for various cuts and tastes.

When your steak is done remove it to a board and allow to rest for five minutes.

Cut broccoli into florets and trim ends off your green beans.

Parboil all in salt water for three to five minutes.

Add all to the plate and enjoy, preferably with a glass of red wine.


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