Saint Patrick’s day turkey burgers

Saint Patrick’s day turkey burgers

Happy Saint Paddy’s day everyone!

The picture above isn’t my finest work but as this wasn’t a planned post I am just running with it.

When I realised how green my turkey burgers from last’s night’s dinner were I grabbed my three year old , a mini plate and my fuji camera to take some snaps before we lost the light around 6:30. He was having none of it so hopefully you can still see what it is behind the blur!!

This recipe was inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow’s turkey burgers (which by the way are amazing with the cucumber dip) except as with most of my cooking, if I don’t have all of the ingredients I run with whatever I think works. Thankfully this was one of those dinners that did work, there have been more than enough times when flavours don’t work or meatless Monday’s that resemble a dog’s dinner. Despite these little guys being green in colour they are packed with spinach and totally edible!!

Turkey is a meat I talk a little bit about here.

Since starting my journey in whole food almost two years ago I began to switch beef meat for turkey meat as a leaner protein alternative.

It does take some getting used to and you’re best to heavily season any chillies, burgers or meatballs you make with the turkey mince. But it’s great and versatile and a testimony to the fact that turkeys are not just for Christmas!

As seen in the photo, I have added in a slice of baked sweet potato, red onion and vine tomato. As the burgers were small we had about three each with the rest of the sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower, roasted leeks and some broccoli parboiled with seeds over it (I didn’t get a shop in yesterday so we made do with whatever I could get my hands on). You can serve these in a bread bun if you prefer, even a wholemeal would be lush. Thankfully they are moist (turkey mince can become dry when cooked through) so I didn’t feel we needed a sauce, but you could add some chilli flakes to greek yoghurt and dollop it on top if you want a kick, or make a salsa of scallions, tomatoes, coriander, lime juice and a de seeded chilli.


-500g turkey mince (Be brave and ask your butcher to mince a whole fillet for you, or buy different weights in the super market pre packed. If you can get it locally though, always do it)

-Juice of half a lemon

-Tbsp lemon zest

-1/3 cup red onion

-1 and 1/2 cups uncooked Spinach

-2tbsp extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil

– a good pinch of salt and dose of ground black pepper


-Combine lemon, zest, red onion, spinach and oil in a nutri bullet or regular blender

-Whizz until it resembles a liquid

-Combine thoroughly with the turkey mince

– With wet hands form the mixture into patties (use a little round biscuit cutter if you find this part difficult)

-Place in pan with some more oil on a medium to high heat

-Brown the top and bottom of the meat (we had the pan a bit high hence the over cooked element to the one in the photo)

-Place in the oven at 180 degrees until cooked through completely (this can take longer than you think so check by cutting one in half before serving. However don’t overcook as it will be as dry as eating a tennis ball)

Enjoy and have a fun St Patrick’s day!