Rye bread, hummus+tomatoes || RECIPE

Rye bread, hummus+tomatoes || RECIPE

Rye bread is a German bread which is mainly wheat free and has many benefits.

I simply use it as an alternative to a regular loaf (my kids don’t buy into it though) and, because I like the taste of it. See this page for more info on how exactly it is beneficial to your health .

It is nice with other toppings such as avocado and eggs or cashew butter and maple syrup.

The ‘recipe’ below was inspired by my friend Rebekah after a meeting we had at her house where she set this delight on the table.

A simple little snack idea for you.


  1. Rye bread. I mostly use Biona which you can get in health stores or now in larger supermarkets. I buy the different flavours each week to keep my taste buds alive!

There are so many different types of rye and I cannot claim to be an expert, but see Jamie Oliver’s recipe for black rye bread if you want to make a loaf yourself.

2. Hummus. Homemade or shop bought. My local health store make a delicious fresh one, but equally whizz up your own using this recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi

3. Cherry tomatoes/ Any tomatoes sliced

4. Seasoning


  • Slice of rye bread halved and toasted
  • Spread with hummus when toasted
  • Add chopped tomatoes ( In the image above I actually pan fried my cherry tomato halves in coconut oil to sweeten them)
  • Season with salt and pepper before serving.


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