Read this, then switch off. I dare you.

Read this, then switch off. I dare you.

It’s 11pm back home and 6pm here in NYC as I type on my shiny new macbook air keypad.

A friend kindly got us an upgrade so I’m in a fancy lounge sucking the life out of their free wifi while I sip on a frothy fresh cappuccino and nibble my complimentary cookie (and brownie and nuts and juicy apples – ALL of the treats).

Life is good, right?

Yes it is and I know I should be happy but instead I am coming out of a five day stint where I intentionally  limited my access to social media (I do this every weekend but wanted more escape) and I hate myself.

I hate myself for being in this position typing the keypad knowing that I will post this to my ONLINE blog which will go to my ONLINE Facebook page and my ONLINE instagram and my… you get the picture.

I’m posting a post about being offline for it to be posted ONLINE. How ironic?


I’m connected. As are the fifty other people in this lounge who are also glued to their phones and laptops and i pads.

Although I have had time over the past week to finish conversations with friends, to leave my phone behind at the apartment during a shopping trip and to take time to pray, read or, sit and think-

I am no different now than when I am in work mode.

The mode where I schedule and plan and execute my scheduled plan.

What do I say about this topic?

Very little other than you should try it sometime.

Escaping our world of instant gratification does the soul good.

And with that my flight has been called.

I am so thankful that the wifi on the plane didn’t work on my phone during the last flight. Saving me from myself.