Christmas art workshop🥂10th Dec


Welcome to my exclusive Christmas event, arranged with YOU in mind.

First come First served .. No need to queue at the bar !

Every year since my husband and I married over 14 years go, he always has a Christmas party and I don’t! So this year, taking into account the restrictions because of covid and lockdown, I have come up with my own kind of good time- an art workshop WITH PROSECCO and Christmas tunes and creativity!!

The Christmas party is Thursday 10th December 7:30-9pm

Spaces are limited and our guest list closes November 30th to allow time for our elves to make your packs with a little something special inside.

Inside your CHRISTMAS pack will be a pencil, a paintbrush, five acrylic paints, two soft pastels, paper and a 7×5″ canvas for painting your winter scene. You will also receive my best seller ‘Prosecco’ print and a can of organic prosecco by Sipful Drinks UK. We have collaborated with Darius who runs Sipful and we have this added bit of fun to the night. Furthermore, Sharon and I tried the prosecco and it is delicious! It is organic too.

Join me and my team for festive fun, Christmas music and fizz as we paint a winter canvas together.


There is no ticket B option for this part due to numbers and variations in products.However, if you are one of my International students outside of the UK and Ireland please contact us as I always want you to be able to log in and to enjoy painting!

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