Still life 12×8



A little about the original 

Still life 12×8

Acrylic on canvas.
This deserves a space in an entrance , a hallway landing, above a fireplace or in someone’s office.

Bursting with colour and vibrant energy


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The inspiration behind the painting

Flowers and purples – two of my favourite things!


I walked out I the summer
To behold at our backyard a wonder
Nature’s beauty epitomized by a farmer
– My dad’s garden of farmer

Amidst the calmness and quietness
I heard of all sounds, the quietest
I strained my ears to hear the sound again as in a forest
But restored again was the tranquil calmness

Looking in the direction of the sound expectantly
I beheld a wonder amusingly
Covered and veiled by a couple of leaves partially
But I still was drawn closer to it attractively

My little finger did the unveiling
And guess what was this beautiful thing
It was a purple flower, the prettiest I’ve seen
With a dazzling splendour and brightly glowing

Then as I reached for its stalk to pluck it
A nice fragrance oozed off from it
This added a cap to its glowing beauty
Aggravating my craving to have it.

But then, just then;
Another wonder emerged like a thunder
I heard the same quiet sound I’ve heard earlier
But with the source of the sound, I’m now familiar.

It was another purple flower that has just popped open
To reveal its splendour equally brightening
But baffling me still was a thing
This flower too was partially veiled even.

Then I learnt from the purple flowers
That whatever strengths my creator has given me
I should not glory in those
But keeping my heart low

But amidst the humility
Still maintaining my self esteem and integrity
Exuberating my radiance
But not forgetting that there are prettier flowers in the garden

Purple flower, my purple flower,
What a great lesson you’ve taught me
And one promise I can make to you:
Even to be as humble … as you!

September 6,2007




About the artist


Aly is a Northern Irish based Artist, Writer and Educator.  One of Northern Ireland’s top artists, widely known for her Belfast prints and impressionist techniques. She has several accolades to her name, most recently:

> Nominated 40 under 40

> Listed as top 100 / Small Business Saturday

> Finalist in the East Side Awards

Aly works from a studio near Belfast which is conducive to her family life with her husband and their three young boys.

She is passionate about placing importance on everyday moments, objects and places in her oil paintings and pastel work.This is one of the many reasons Aly is a well established artist in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the United States of America.

Her practice is influenced heavily by her own childhood memories of growing up in a smallholding in the Irish countryside.

Themes of the familiar and familial can be traced back as far as her degree show in 2003 when her installation “Daddy’s bread” used 795 empty bread bags (of her father’s favourite loaf) to represent each week from when her Father passed until the opening of her final exhibition.

Aly was awarded a first class honours degree and a distinction in her Masters in Fine Art which she completed following her degree. Specializing in Acrylic, oil and Mixed Media Aly has a love for creating stunning vibrant paintings.  Along with a love of monochrome and simple sketches.

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This blog is an extension of my creativity.

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