St. John’s Point Painting A4 Mounted


A well known lighthouse for it’s unusual yellow and black bands of colour, St John’s lighthouse is a beautiful sight. Placed in my painting with a smouldering purple and navy sky in the background, this painting will hold space wherever it resides. This painting is presented in a mount and cellophane wrap. We ship this painting FREE of charge via special delivery.

‘Mayim’ the Hebrew name for water. My ‘Mayim’ exhibition was a virtual exhibition that consisted of a live stream while I sat in formal attire in front of my laptop talking my audience through the various paintings. Lockdown and coronavirus meant that even the artists had to adapt!

The paintings and the exhibition were inspired by my love of water. Water and waves at the beach, water in the lakes and waterfalls in the North and South of Ireland. I trust that you enjoy the brush or palette marks of each scene