Self acceptance ebundle


My name is Aly Harte, I am an artist and I am an expert in the field of art. I also have a deep deep love for all things fitness and wellbeing. I can help you through my words, my simple recipes and my workouts to get to know yourself a little better and to accept yourself from your brain to your very bones… with the odd glass of Prosecco along the way!

Are you exhausted by thoughts of not being good enough?

Do you fight against the urge to tip negativity into your daily emotions?

You achieve something then doubt your intelligence?

I know this. I lived it.

I fought a daily fight with my emotions and it wore me thin. This exhaustion made me crumble and held me back from parenting the way I wanted to. It even crept into my fitness routine when my mind couldn’t settle on what was best to do that day at the gym. Running my business as a self employed artist became a task too big.

The fire in my belly was extinguished by self doubt and fear.

Perhaps you stand alone cooking dinner for one blaming your body and mind for the situation you find yourself in. Or, you shouted at the kids this morning because your body didn’t look how the world projects it should, which affects you more than you want it to.

More that this you need a break from over thinking toxic friendships and partnerships which drain your energy.

At times I still slip into self destruct mode. Fear, exhaustion, doubt, and negativity reign for a time.

The attitude we have towards OURSELVES can serve to build us or destroy us.

Join me and let’s take control of the fear, the past rejections, the wondering if we are good enough. I am calling you to put a full stop to this lifestyle.

This ebundle is your seven day kick starter to self acceptance.

Let it be your weapon for achieving greatness. A sense of greatness within. There is only one of you and we can celebrate this!

Your feet have walked paths that no one else has seen, your eyes have witnessed beauty and hurt that only you can process and turn into your wins.

Greatness is living a life of self worth and inner peace and I am going to help you start that journey.


Included in this bundle

7 step action plan to self acceptance

  • I share how I turned the low times in my life and negative triggers into self acceptance. My open honest journey.
  • My struggle with body image.
  • 1 accountability contract for you to print and keep on your fridge
  • 3 anywhere anytime workouts. Focusing on heart health, on muscle reach and for slower days- a low impact bodyweight circuit.
  • Warm up exercise demonstrations
  • Cool down exercises demonstrations.
  • 2 playlists of hand picked tracks for you. One upbeat and one mellow
  • A poem to read on the self destruct days
  • 7 motivational screensavers
  • One of my art prints in downloadable format to remind you of your worth