Santa Monica Pier – print available in A1 and A5


Inspired by my trip to Los Angeles last year, the original painting is a large piece which envelopes the peach palette that greeted me and my two oldest boys as we walked Venice beach with jet lag upon our arrival to the States.

If you have visited LA you will know of the energy and balmy colours that the sky takes on in the evening and early morning. Santa Monica pier is such a highlight and it adds perspective to the liveliness of this piece.

Made using a thick palette knife and fine brush work, it is the perfect mixture of rough and smooth and we have worked hard to show the mark making  in your luxurious very limited edition print.

Pick from two sizes and allow the pinks and pastel blues to come to life on your wall as you remember your own time at Santa Monica pier.

The large print is A1 (59.4 x 84.1 cm) in size which shows a clean white border where your limited edition number will feature along with my (the artist’s) signature. It also frames Santa Monica perfectly for you. The smaller print is A5 (14.8 × 21.0cm) again with an A6 insert of the original artwork to allow for the limited edition number and my signature below.

Thank you for pre ordering this very special very limited edition print.

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