Portballintrae at Sundown (A1 print of an A2 image inside a white border)


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Portballintrae at Sundown

About the painting

 Portballintrae at Sundown original painting was 30 x 25 inches made using acrylic on canvas.
I used brushes to make the smooth lines of the sunset.
Bubblegum pinks and turquoise lines make a solid piece to evoke emotion and memories of ‘Portb’.
Portballintrae at Sundown is now only available in A1 because the smaller A5 prints have sold out.
Portballintrae at Sundown is a large bold piece to invite conversation and musings.

Printed by Media Design Belfast on 230gsm matte coated paper.

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A little about the location and why I painted it

Portballintrae at Sundown was painted from my memories of Portballintrae are all fuelled by love and a sense of peace. My Dad towed the caravan there for may years before he passed away- it was our family’s summer tradition. Then when daddy died I am so thankful that mummy continued to tow the caravan on her own and set herself, my brother, and me up for 6 weeks of relaxed fun each summer.

Crab fishing at the harbour, CSSM on the beach front, cycling to the sweet shop and the ‘bun lady’ made for the simplest and the best times for a ten year old.
Many friends I made during these years still feature in my life and forever will share the memories of this special tourist town. The sunsets over the harbour and the early sunrises when we did overnights in the tent inspired this painting.
I found out recently that Portballintrae means ‘port of the beach settlement’. During the 1600s Portballintrae had its own Customs House that served the castle and village of Dunluce, the harbour was the closest landing place and as Dunluce prospered and developed into a thriving market place for goods many Scottish merchants settled here. The flow of commerce must have been quite high to justify the building and operation of a Customs facility.

About the artist

Aly is a Northern Irish based Artist, Writer and Educator.  She has several accolades to her name, most recently:
> Nominated 40 under 40
> Listed as top 100 / Small Business Saturday
> Finalist in the East Side Awards
Aly works from a studio near Belfast which is conducive to her family life with her husband and their three young boys.
She is passionate about placing importance on everyday moments, objects and places in her oil paintings and pastel work.
Her practice is influenced heavily by her own childhood memories of growing up in a smallholding in the Irish countryside.
Themes of the familiar and familial can be traced back as far as her degree show in 2003 when her installation “Daddy’s bread” used 795 empty bread bags (of her father’s favourite loaf) to represent each week from when her Father passed until the opening of her final exhibition.
Aly was awarded a first class honours degree and a distinction in her Masters in Fine Art which she completed following her degree.


Specializing in Acrylic, oil and Mixed Media Aly has a love for creating stunning vibrant paintings.  Along with a love of monochrome.

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