Dreaming of Summer

Portballintrae at Sundown.

Only 20 made


My memories of Portballintrae are all fuelled by love and a sense of peace. My Dad towed the caravan there for may years before he passed away- it was our family summer tradition. Then when daddy died I am so thankful that mummy continued to tow the caravan on her own and set herself, my brother and me up for 6 weeks of relaxed fun each summer. 
Crab fishing at the harbour, CSSM on the beach front, cycling to the sweet shop and the ‘bun lady’ made for the simplest and the best times for a ten year old.
Many friends I made during these years still feature in my life and forever will share the memories of this special tourist town. The sunsets over the harbour and the early sunrises when we did overnights in the tent inspired this painting.
The original painting is 30 x 25 inches and acrylic on canvas. I used brushes to make the smooth lines of the sunset. Bubblegum pinks and turquoise lines make a solid piece to evoke emotion and memories of ‘Portb’.
Enjoy this print in two sizes- a smaller piece which can be shipped to anywhere in the world or the more expressive larger piece for above your fireplace.
A5 – 148 x 210 mm (5.8 x 8.3 in)
Print Spec:

This print has been made with love from the Canon IPF 8400S printer. Using 180gsm uncoated paper it boasts elegance in printing and true longevity meaning that the prints hold their strength of colour for many years.

It originated from Aly's studio where oil paints and soft pastels are carefully applied to make art for your walls.

Please note this print comes without a frame.

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