Paint a Stag tutorial – Intermediate level


Stag Tutorial

If you have attended any of my online tutorials then this is for you!  The Stags I paint are amongst my most popular pieces and I want to share the process with you, geared towards the more advanced but still suitable for beginners as with this online pre-recorded tutorial you can stop and start as often as you need.

During the tutorial, you will be painting with acrylic on canvas or a heavy page.

We also make a simple line drawing as your introduction to abstract art.

You will need a pencil, a paintbrush, five acrylic paints (blue, red, yellow, white and black), two soft pastels (different colours), paper and a canvas or page for painting your ‘STAG’ scene


The video is a link to a private YouTube channel and you have access to it for one month from date of purchase.

Please know that you will also have access to my private Facebook group called Aly Harte’s Academy that you are welcome to join after you purchase your tutorial.

I cannot wait to see your paintings and for you to join in the creative space.