‘Healing and Harmony’ acrylic on 150x120cm, framed.



Please e mail hello@alyharte.com to view or discuss this piece. It is drying and worth seeing in real life.

A bit about it …I was filmed by the BBC when I had covid. As a business owner who couldn’t work or avail sick pay. I was in A&E twice when my oxygen levels dropped dramatically. I had five weeks off my feet when I couldn’t attend to my children. We moved house and no one was vaccinated at the time so we didn’t want anyone helping us in case I still held covid particles and caused more sickness.

I started the painting that was on this canvas while BBC filmed me. It never sat right with me and as I said to my son last week “ it reminds me of having covid”.

The slow process of gathering strength after covid in October 2020 was quiet calm and then there were moments of stark light when I could take more steps without chest pain. Or catch up with the kids on their bikes.

This new above painting is a reflection of that time and my hope is that the viewer can feel the same. Remembering that loss, trauma and tragedy cannot stay with us forever. We keep striving via ‘Healing and Harmony’ acrylic on huge 150 x120cm canvas. Framed.