The everyday recipe book



The everyday recipe book

I am so thrilled to have my new e book range available for you.

This ebook includes top recipes from my blog. They are not complicated and they are designed to fit into your everday using readily available ingredients.

Some FAQs

Why did you make an e book?

I made the e book series after many of you asked to have something more permanent and personal than my YouTube videos. IT has been challenging and exciting to put my teaching skills into written format. I also love the visuals on all my e books.

What is an e book?

An e book is a downloadable document that you have direct access to on your phone, computer or tablet.

What do I do now?

You simply add the quantity of e books that you want to your basket. Then, once your purchase goes through (works the same for free e books) you will be sent an email with your download.