Daffodil – A5 print


The daffodil symbolises so much beauty and strength as it pops up wildly in fields of the countryside or in our local grocery store.

Here is why this print is extra special and why I am donating money to Marie Curie hospice with every sale.

In memory of Avril.

I decided in November last year as I walked most days to the Marie Curie centre to visit my cousin that I would try to help the charity in some way.

Their attentiveness, the time and space they allow and the consistent care they provide is something quite magical. Marie Curie assists the difficult Cancer journey with tact and even moments of joy.

When I made the flower paintings a few years ago I somehow forgot to make prints of the daffodil original.

The original of the daffodil painting resides in Avril’s house and little did I know the meaning and significance it would carry.

Avril and I grew up together and she was one of the first people to ride ponies alongside me. She was fearless on a horse and was caring, thoughtful and sincere off the horse. She was my big cousin.

After both of our dad’s passed away it was evident that what we and our siblings had was a special bond. Christmas spent together every year like one extended family which grew over time with our children included in special occasions. The first Christmas when Michael and I moved to Belfast there were nineteen of us around three dinner tables – a sure sign of growth and sharing in family joy over food, Shloer and a box of Celebration chocolates.

Although Avril wasn’t on social media and never liked being the centre of attention, I don’t think she will mind me linking the daffodil print to her smiling face.

So, 20% of the profits from every sale of the daffodil print will go to Marie curie where Avril spent the last two months of her short life.

Losing a loved one is never easy no matter the circumstances. I have spoken before on my blog about the silent punch that comes with grief- the wind knocked from our sails and the floors shattered from the ground up. Seeing an empty chair at the dinner table is enough to evoke the over powering strength of loss within us.

Avril’s bravery in the last weeks of her life and her laughter in Marie curie remains with me. Her body riddled with pain yet she stayed strong and never once did she complain.

With all this being said, I hope you enjoy the gentle liveliness of the print and the strength of yellow in the mark making.


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