Brittas Bay Wicklow 7 x 5”



Brittas Bay Wicklow

Brittas Bay Wicklow is painted using acrylic on canvas size 7×5.  The dreamy greens, blues and greys used in this piece make us yearn for a coastal walk. The vibrancy of each colour draws us in for a closer look.


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The inspiration behind Brittas Bay Wicklow

‘Mayim’ the Hebrew name for water. 

My ‘Mayim’ exhibition was a virtual exhibition that consisted of a live stream while I sat in formal attire in front of my laptop talking my audience through the various paintings. Lockdown and coronavirus meant that even the artists had to adapt!

My love of the water is what really inspired these paintings and exhibition. Water and waves at the beach, water in the lakes and waterfalls in the North and South of Ireland. I trust that you enjoy the brush or palette marks of each scene.

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About Brittas Bay Wicklow

Arklow Wicklow and places between were landing sites for Christian missionaries.  They set sail for Wicklow where they received a kinder reception and the injured monk known as Manntain or the toothless one built a church. A group of the clergy was already established in Three Mile Water, just north of Brittas Bay, where the ruins of a church still exist. Wicklow, Arklow, Kilcoole and Greystones were subject to Viking invasions from which settlements were established.

A path from the beach (no longer accessible) leads to Dunganstown Castle which was alternatively the home of the Dungan family, the Knights Hospitaller who were Crusaders and the O’Byrne Clan. A descendant of the O’Byrne’s, the late J.T.O’Byrne, County Engineer for Wicklow, told me many years ago that there were rumours of a tunnel from the castle to Jacks Hole.

Harsh custom and excise laws encouraged smuggling activity during the 18th century. A noted pirate, Captain Jack White operated from the Brittas Bay area.  He distributed his booty at a coaching inn on the main Dublin Wexford road known as Jack Whites Inn which is also reputed to be the meeting place of another disreputable motley crew known as the Brittas Bay Coastcare Group.



About Aly

Aly a Northern Irish-based Artist, Writer and Educator.  One of Northern Ireland’s top artists, widely known for her Belfast prints and impressionist techniques. She has several accolades to her name, most recently:

> Nominated 40 under 40

> Listed as top 100 / Small Business Saturday

> Finalist in the East Side Awards

Aly works from a studio near Belfast which is conducive to her family life with her husband and their three young boys.

She is passionate about placing importance on everyday moments, objects and places in her oil paintings and pastel work.

This is one of the many reasons why Aly is an established artist in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the United States.

Her own childhood memories heavily influence her practice of growing up in a small town in the Irish countryside.

Aly received a first-class honours degree and a distinction in her master’s degree in fine arts, which she completed after graduating.

Specializing in Acrylic, Oil, and Mixed Media.   Aly has a love for creating stunning vibrant paintings.  Along with a love of monochrome and simple sketches.

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I use art in all it’s mediums to express my love for the “everyday”. Coffee cups, familiar landmarks, colour associations. ”. Not only do I love drawing them, I think they are worth placing importance on.

This blog is an extension of my creativity.

I convey a realistic (the good, the bad, the funny, the sad) view into the life of a family woman, a homemaker, and a businesswoman on a journey of physical and mental wellness.

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